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CPAPs for Fatigue and Exhaustion Are as Diverse as the Clients Who Need Them

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One of our body’s most incredible feats is its ability to regenerate itself. This can be observed as our bodies heal after suffering a wound, growing hair after it’s been cut, and sleeping when we are out of energy. These processes are vitally important to our health and existence, and when one of these processes no longer operates correctly, it can have dramatic consequences on our lives.
Sleeping re-energizes us and allows our body to repair and replenish itself; but when that process is interrupted, it can begin to affect all other areas of our functioning. Sleep apnea, a breathing-related illness that occurs during slumber, causes an individual to wake up multiple times during the night, preventing the body from entering the REM sleep cycle which is needed for us to recuperate from our exhaustion. Utilizing a breathing device such as a CPAP for fatigue and exhaustion can help alleviate the problems that arise from lack of rest.

Why is Sleep so Important?

Sleeping is a process which most of us take for granted without ever really understanding why it’s so important. During the time when we are asleep, our bodies have a chance to relax and recuperate. Our minds are no different. Mental processes such as retaining information, forming new ideas, and applying appropriate judgement are directly affected by the amount of sleep we get. When we are resting, especially deep in the REM cycle (dreaming), the body and brain have reduced responsibilities, and can use that time to repair, rebuild, and recreate cells, tissues, and thoughts. When afflictions such as sleep apnea interrupt this rejuvenation process, we begin to experience a myriad of health-related issues. Next to the consumption of water, sleep is the next most vital resource we need to survive and live productive, happy lives.

CPAP for Fatigue and Exhaustion

Sleep apnea can be caused by both physical and mental issues, but the end result is the same either way. Physically, sleep apnea can be caused by a blockage to the airways by an object such as the tongue, which results in the sleeping person waking up continuously throughout the night. Mentally, the brain may have "crossed wires” which fail to send out a signal telling the lungs to breathe. In either case, the body reacts by waking up so you can consciously take in oxygen.
A CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine helps to alleviate sleep apnea by gently pushing air (which can be heated or humidified depending on your preferences) from the device, through a hose and into a breathing mask which is worn while sleeping. The best CPAP professionals in the GTA will help you choose a machine which is right for your particular illness and breathing patterns, and also fit you for a mask to help make the process comfortable and simplistic.
Choosing a CPAP for fatigue and exhaustion will not only help you get a full night’s sleep, but will also help you return to the vital, active, energetic person you were before you developed sleeping issues. Speak to a local provider today!
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